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Formerly the Outdoor Advertising Association, the Outdoor Media Centre is the trade body for outdoor media owners. This website is a resource centre for advertisers and their agencies who may be considering outdoor media campaigns. We are here to provide media planners with data, argument, audiovisual support and proof that the outdoor medium is effective.

We like Outdoor because...

  • Stephen Farquhar
    Zenith“we’re changing the nature of the message, digital screens are encouraging a degree of interaction” 19/01/2011

  • Pippa Glucklich
    Starcom“niche and affluent audiences who are hard to reach through traditional routes such as television”25/01/2013

  • Tracy de Groose
    Carat “it creates something tangible, physical and visible, which is very important for virtual brands”19/01/2011

  • Nick Ashley
    Mindshare “it offers a whole load of opportunities: flexibility, creativity, innovation, timeliness”14/01/2011

  • Marie Oldham
    MPG“outdoor allowed us to create a sense of scale, of something really fresh and different happening”19/01/2011

  • Guy Sellers
    Total Media“it’s excellent for short punchy messages and that makes it great for launches”11/01/2011

  • Mark Middlemas
    UM“the results, the look, the feel, the spectacular nature of it were absolutely phenomenal”19/01/2011

  • Lindsay Pattison
    Maxus“it does fantastically well and we use it consistently and it is a really performer for us”30/11/2011

  • Ivan Pollard
    Coca-Cola“the thing I love about outdoor is its power to work its way into your brain”20/01/2011

  • Steve Williams
    OMD “I’m not sure we’ve seen half of what can be done ... it’s a massive opportunity to test and learn”12/01/2011

  • Steve Parker
    Mediavest “the scale, the quality and the simplicity of out of home can be a real, complementary opportunity”19/01/2011

  • Jim Marshall

  • Sue Unerman
    MediaCom “you can use it to be really specific about very local areas”19/01/2011

  • Daren Rubins
    PHD“you can create extraordinary connectivity and relevance”19/01/2011

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