Outdoor hits 10.1% of display advertising revenue.  Achieves long standing ambition set out in 2004.

The Outdoor Media Centre today announces that outdoor revenues exceeded 10% of display advertising in 2012 for the first time. New figures released by Warc/ Advertising Association confirm that outdoor advertising grew 9.5% in 2012, to hit a 10.1% share of display. Quarter 1, 2013, also marked the seventh quarter of consecutive growth in the outdoor medium, and revenues in the digital sector grew to £43.1m, up 21% year on year.

Mike Baker, the OMC's Chief Executive said:

“We are delighted with achieving 10.1% of display advertising, which has been a longstanding ambition set out at an outdoor conference ten years ago. A large part of the growth is attributable to the Olympic effect, where sponsors and other advertisers moved their advertising to where it could be seen most visibly during the Games. But we have now enjoyed seven quarters of consecutive growth, and only two of them really benefitted from the Olympic effect.”
As well as the Olympics, Baker points to a resurgence in motors advertising, a higher brand count across the board, more million pound spenders, more integrated campaigns utilising outdoor alongside other media, and the media owners’ continued  investment in quality sites, including digital. Digital made up 20.2% of the total outdoor revenue in Q1, 2013, up from 16.7% in Q1, 2012. Advertisers are also finding a convergent role for outdoor alongside mobile, online and social media.

The Warc/Ad Association chart shows the breakdown of display advertising.


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