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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Outdoor Media Centre do?

We are a Trade and Marketing body representing the interests of the Outdoor Advertising industry. This falls broadly into two halves. One half is providing data that demonstrates the benefits of outdoor advertising as opposed to TV, internet, radio or press advertising. We do this in order that advertisers, clients and specialists invest their advertising money in the medium of outdoor. The other half is dealing with the operational issues of outdoor advertising. For example health & safety, the environment and planning regulations.

Can I buy outdoor advertising from you?

No, we do not buy or sell any outdoor advertising. If you would like to plan an outdoor advertising campaign we would recommend the use of an outdoor media specialist planner/buyer. The contact details of these can be found on our links page. (The Media Owners pay fees to the specialist). Alternatively you can go straight to the Media Owners whose contact details can be found here.

What is a Media Owner?

A Media Owner is a company or individual who has the right to sell outdoor advertising space.

I have got some land or space on the side of a building which I think would be ideal to display advertising on, can you advise me?

No. We represent the interests of the Media Owners hence it is not in either of our best interests for us to advise you. Please contact the Media Owners directly by going to our Members Listing page where you will find the contact details of each member. Please contact both Council Members and Associate Members.

How do I become a member?

Details of how to join the Outdoor Media Centre can be found here however if you have any further questions please call us.

How many Outdoor Advertising sites are there in the UK?

It is impossible for us to know exactly how many outdoor advertising sites there are in the UK for 2 reasons. The first is that sites go up and get pulled down frequently hence the exercise of counting them would be impossible. The second is that we only have access to information from companies which are members of Postar and not every Media Owner is a member. Information on the amount of sites held by Postar members can be found here.

What is Postar?

Postar is a research body which measures the visibility and audience of the poster panels of its members. Details about Postar and how to contact them can be found here

How much revenue did Outdoor Advertising receive last quarter?

We report revenue a month after the quarter so if what you're looking for is not there it is because it has not been calculated yet. Information on the revenue of individual media owner companies or the share between them is confidential and hence not listed.  

How much does Outdoor Advertising cost?

It's a bit like asking 'how much does a car cost?' It is impossible for us to give a quote on the price of a campaign as it depends on so many diifferent factors for example, in which region the poster is, how big the poster is, how many posters you're going to buy etc...etc...Your best bet is to contact either a specialist or a media owner directly and give them a real or example campaign so that they can work out how much this would be. Contact details for the members can be found here and specialists here.

I work for an advertising agency, we're working on a controversial ad campaign, can you advise me on legality of the copy?

We are not the best people to give such advice. You need to contact an organisation called CAP which is a branch of the Advertising Standards Authority. Contact details can be found here.

I'm a builder/contractor who needs to get a passport to work, how do I go about it?

Details of our countrywide Health & Safety passport training schemes can be found here.


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