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Associate Membership Benefits

We strongly believe that the benefits shown below amount to great value and will help you manage and grow your business.
  1. Outdoor Media Centre Accreditation: This shows advertisers and outdoor media specialists that you are an industry accepted operator. Additionally we send a list of Outdoor Media Centre members to the specialists twice yearly.
  2.  Inclusion on website database: Our website gives contact details for each member and a description of what individual members have to offer. It is format-driven and includes relevant information on each sector. Members’ own websites are linked to the Outdoor Media Centre main site and we believe this to be a good generator of new business leads.
  3.  Inclusion on the Outdoor Media Centre web news page when your company has a relevant industry wide announcement.
  4. Opportunity to have case histories on the Outdoor Media Centre website.
  5. Use of the Outdoor Media Centre logo on your company literature and website.
  6. The opportunity to include news about your company within the Outdoor Media Centre Newsletter which is forwarded to circa 30,000 Advertisers, Agencies and Specialists.
  7. Outdoor Expenditure Data: Each month we send to members detailed data on “who spent what and where”  plus analysis for the previous month.
  8. Marketing Initiatives: At times, the Council Members run joint marketing initiatives supporting the outdoor industry. You benefit from such activity, as it is often generic and therefore not member or format or sector specific.
  9. Access to a members-only section on the Outdoor Media Centre website that gives information on the latest local authority monitoring plans and minutes from Planning and Health & Safety committee meetings.
  10. Outdoor Revenue Information: We give you a quarterly update on how advertising revenue in the outdoor market is progressing. Your company’s revenue is used to compile the outdoor industry’s total revenue submission that we release to the Advertising Association (AA) on a quarterly basis. Needless to say individual company revenue figures are never released to the AA or to other members of the Outdoor Media Centre. These remain absolutely confidential at all times. Beyond measuring the total revenue for outdoor, we aim to include, where appropriate, your revenue in a sub-group of outdoor media owners operating in a similar market/format to yourselves.
  11. Outdoor Revenue Share Information: The Outdoor Media Centre supplies on a quarterly basis revenue share data for Outdoor as compared to all measured UK media.
  12. Access to sector seminars and conferences.
  13. We give you top-line information regarding major changes in legislation.
  14. Outdoor Media Centre representation, on your behalf, at the following industry bodies: Advertising Association (AA), Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP), Advertising Standards Board of Finance (ASBoF), Institute of Practitioners in Advertising - Outdoor (IPAO).
  15. The Outdoor Media Centre maintains strong links and relationships with Local Authorities.
  16. Trade Press representation.
  17.  Use of Charter – Standard of Best Practice.

Associate Membership Requirements

Please find below details of becoming an Associate Member of the Outdoor Media Centre.

If you decide to become a member, please download and complete the application form by clicking here  and return it to us by post or email to Jali Henry . Please include three written business references (either client, media agency or outdoor specialist) including name, position, company, telephone number and a short reference statement about your services. After your application for membership is approved, we will send you an invoice for the membership subscription.  Upon payment of this invoice, details of your company will be posted on our website.
Membership of the Outdoor Media Centre in 2012 has been set at £2,975 (+ VAT).

Beyond expecting all companies to abide by the Outdoor Media Centre’s Charter – Standard of Best Practice, one of the conditions of membership will be for you to provide your company’s gross revenue to the Outdoor Media Centre on a quarterly basis.  The figures should be before deduction of agency commission, but excluding production unless commissionable.

Additionally, we make it a condition of joining that no member can be involved in any illegal activity such as flyposting and advertising on trailers in fields.

The industry now has great impetus and as we broaden the appeal of the medium we will create greater opportunities for the benefit of all our members.

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