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Resource Membership Benefits

We strongly believe that the benefits shown below amount to great value and will help you manage and grow your business.
  1. Your company is listed on the Outdoor Media Centre website under the heading of “Resource Companies”. You can choose how your services are described and categorised and prospective buyers can click straight through to your website.
  2. When people call us enquiring about specific services they require we always recommend the services of resource members.
  3. Twice a year we send a list of current resource members to our associate and council members and advise them to use your services.
  4. You are entitled to use the Outdoor Media Centre logo on any of your company literature with the words “Resource Member” displayed underneath.

Membership costs £650 per year before VAT and is charged on a pro rata basis.

If you decide to become a resource member, please download and complete the application form by clicking here and return it to us by post or email to Jali Henry

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