Planners Speak

  • Daren Rubins
    PHD“you can create extraordinary connectivity and relevance”19/01/2011

  • Tracy de Groose
    Carat “it creates something tangible, physical and visible, which is very important for virtual brands”19/01/2011

  • Steve Williams
    OMD “I’m not sure we’ve seen half of what can be done ... it’s a massive opportunity to test and learn”12/01/2011

  • Nick Ashley
    Mindshare “it offers a whole load of opportunities: flexibility, creativity, innovation, timeliness”14/01/2011

  • Sue Unerman
    MediaCom “you can use it to be really specific about very local areas”19/01/2011

  • Steve Parker
    Mediavest “the scale, the quality and the simplicity of out of home can be a real, complementary opportunity”19/01/2011

  • Mark Middlemas
    UM“the results, the look, the feel, the spectacular nature of it were absolutely phenomenal”19/01/2011

  • Tony Regan
    Initiative“flexibility, short copy deadlines, fast print schedules and distribution”11/01/2011

  • Ivan Pollard
    Coca-Cola“the thing I love about outdoor is its power to work its way into your brain”20/01/2011

  • Stephen Farquhar
    Zenith“we’re changing the nature of the message, digital screens are encouraging a degree of interaction” 19/01/2011

  • Lindsay Pattison
    Maxus“it does fantastically well and we use it consistently and it is a really performer for us”30/11/2011

  • Guy Sellers
    Total Media“it’s excellent for short punchy messages and that makes it great for launches”11/01/2011

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